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Baccarat Dragon Tiger Gameplay

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Baccarat Dragon Tiger Gameplay

Game Goals

The goal of "Dragon and Tiger" is to predict which side will have the bigger hand, Dragon or Tiger, or whether it will be a draw.

Basic Rules

Card Deck: The game uses standard decks of playing cards, usually excluding kings and queens. Use a full deck of cards each round.

Dealing the Cards: The dealer draws a card from the deck and places it on the side of the dragon, and then draws another card and places it on the side of the tiger, thus forming two sets of cards.

Compare the Cards: Compare the cards on both sides of the dragon and tiger. The cards are compared according to the size of regular playing cards (A is the smallest, K is the largest), and the suit has no effect.

Determine the Outcome: The side with the bigger card is the winner. If the cards on both sides are the same, it is a draw. The bookmaker will distribute the bonus according to the winner.


The size of the cards in the game follows the regular poker rules, but the suit has no effect.

After placing the bet, wait for the result and judge the winner or loser based on the result.


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