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WPT-The World Poker Tour

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WPT-The World Poker Tour

About WPT

From the riverboats of the Mississippi to the saloons of the Wild Wild West to the prohibition era speakeasies to the gambling dens in Texas to World War II barracks to the underground clubs of New York and Chicago, poker and Americana were intertwined. In the early 2000s, as the internet continued to connect people around the world, the game took on more of an international flavor. In the wake of that wave, an entrepreneur with a solid understanding of the television business and a flair for storytelling seized the opportunity to create a concept that would help put poker on the global map in a revolutionary way.

The Birth of the World Poker Tour

In 2002, The World Poker Tour was founded by Steven Lipscomb as a revolutionary tournament series that transformed poker into a mainstream sport. The journey of the WPT began in 2002 when then television producer and attorney Steven Lipscomb envisioned a televised poker show which showcased the excitement and strategy of the game and made superstars of the men and women who were the best in the world. Lipscomb launched the World Poker Tour with the first season airing in 2003.

Where Poker Legends Are Made

The inaugural season was defined by the crowning of multiple WPT champions, including Gus Hansen and Howard Lederer who both managed to secure two WPT titles in Season I. Hansen and Lederer led the way as emerging stars of the game. They would later be accompanied in the WPT Champions Club by Doyle Brunson, Daniel Negreanu, Antonio Esfandiari, Nick Schulman, Scotty Nguyen, Carlos Mortensen, and many more who would go on to become some of the biggest superstars in the game and helped set the stage for the WPT’s ascent into the mainstream.

Putting the ‘World’ in World Poker Tour

As the WPT continued to gain momentum, it expanded its reach globally, hosting events in Europe, Asia, and other regions. The Tour also introduced various spin-off series, such as the WPT Alpha8 for high rollers, and WPTDeepStacks for players seeking a more accessible entry point. Over the years, the WPT has hosted events across six continents and crowned numerous champions, each contributing to the rich history of the tour.

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